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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I see...

an F.O.! Yes, indeed-y! That bag is finally finished & felted! I don't know why the top is weirdly wider than the bottom. What happened there? But it felted well, and when I get the handles on it may not be noticeable. Or so I am telling myself. Perhaps the time to worry about that little foible was before I felted it, but too late now! Pictures forthcoming shortly.

AND I'm up to the 3rd skein of the Vintage Velvet, and about 8 pattern repeats. I keep making mistakes, but at least I've FINALLY figured out what the mistake is. I forget to mark down a just completed row. Then I forget that I did in fact complete that row. So I repeat the row. Messing up the pattern. However, after frogging that thing like five times, I refuse to frog it again. Those strange jogs in the rows have become part of the pattern, and maybe they won't be noticeable after felting anyway. Or so I am telling myself. Right? Right!

Nothing new to report on the knitting class, since Monday was a holiday, and there was no class. And I think the project I want to do, that the teacher asked us to bring to begin in the next class will be, ta-daaaaaa, socks. Yes. Socks. Hey, I need to learn how to turn the heel.


  • At 11:06 PM , Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

    Only you know there's a mistake there. If anyone's looking that hard that's their problem. I'm with you, there's only so much frogging one can do.


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