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Friday, September 08, 2006

Vintage Velvet Update

If you'll remember back to a few days ago, I was talking about the disaster that happened while I was knitting the vintage velvet. That stitch marker (in the admittedly terrible picture) marks the broken & repaired stitch. And you can also see the terrible worming now that I'm attempting to knit much more loosely. Obviously, at this point, I have a decision to make. Forge ahead (as I usually do while a disaster forms beneath my needles) and hope that it all works out in the felting, or frog back to the row before the break. This would enable a proper repair, and would take care of some of that worming. Of course, I would have to figure out which row in the pattern that was, and be able to continue the pattern properly from that point. I've been trying to see what others have done with their vintage velvets, and what the result finally looked like. It's difficult to tell from their pictures. I'm inclined (naturally, given my deep dislike of frogging) to just continue, and hope that all turns out for the best. Any ideas or opinions?


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