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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Knitting Classes

I've decided that it's time to face the difficult truth. I'm too stupid to teach myself to knit. I can read the books, look at the pictures, use the videos at Knitting Help, ask questions at online forums, and all for nought. My purl stitches are difficult to manipulate, I can't rib or seed to save my life, and short rows cause my head to implode. Finishing? No. Weaving in? Nope. Read a pattern? Not terribly well. Socks? Out of the question.

My local adult school is offering two knitting classes this fall, Knitting 101 and Intermediate Knitting. They are each six week courses, and begin consecutively. I, in my impatience, er I mean infinite wisdom, signed up for both. Twelve weeks straight of knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. Knitting knowledge will be obtained. By the time I finish, I will be a knitting mastermind. I will be able to do it all. Fair Isle? A breeze. Intarsia? Sure thing. Socks? Absolutely! Aran sweater in a size for a gargantuan? Gotcha covered. I am, of course, known for my craziness, er I mean optimism. That's right, optimism.

The first class starts next week, and I am quite excited. Bravely we go forth into the bold unknown! Naturally, I envision myself whipping off projects every week, with insouciance. "Oh, this sweater? I finished that in three nights!". Unless I suddenly become some manic, deranged knitter, this will be patently impossible. After all, I AM the woman who took seven months to finish a scarf. Granted, the scarf was knit in the round on size US 2's, and is seven feet long, but still. So I believe the plan will be to bring in supplies for the things I'm having trouble with, and get assistance on those. Then I can practice that for a week, and so on and so forth. We shall see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.


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