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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am so happy!

I had to work yesterday, which isn't a lot of fun on a Saturday. But to make up for it, when I got home there was a package from my secret pal!!! I was astonished when I saw the air mail stickers, and customs declaration! And stamps from - Singapore! I had to get the camera phone & start taking pictures right away.

Inside was a postcard of a rose in grey, a Meiji black chocolate bar, beautiful beaded stitch markers, and a small package wrapped in beautiful sun and moon paper. Is that cool & well-presented or what?

And inside the package, a marvelous, soft beaded mohair in a smoky purple with red glass beads that catch the eye, and a pattern written out on another postcard - Nathania's slightly bias scarf. I could hardly wait to roll it into a ball, and start the scarf. So I did!

Here it is all together. Isn't that enough to bring a big smile to your face?

And a really blurry close-up of the yarn. A techno I am not. Thank you so very much, secret pal! You made my day!


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