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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WIP It Good

While it's only been about five minutes per day, I HAVE been working on The Boy's rib-knit scarf.

But the real progress has been on the Cardigan for Arwen. I even wrote up the directions for the modifications. Mmmmmm. Isn't that so sexy? The 2nd picture is much truer to the actual color.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arwen, Benefit, and Breakage, Oh My

The Savanna Winnie benefit has, to date, earned over 16K and rising! That is fantastic news, and I'm so very happy that the benefit turned out so well!

I stopped working on the back of arwen, and started the left front. I haven't done the math for any of the modifications I want to make. So then I think I'll follow the pattern as written, although there are features I need to change. I re-read the pattern and decide that it's too hard, and will modify it, but don't do the math for the modifications... See the trend here? But look at that cable? Isn't it GORGEOUS? I absolutely love it.

In order to put the back on hold, I had to find some size 9 needles. I went through a box I had won on ebay, and did happen to find the right size. As I worked with them, I decided I really like them. I love those tips! And then, unbeknownst to me, one fell on the floor, and I stepped on it. Sigh... Of course, it had to happen to a pair of knitting needles I really LIKE.

Anyone know where I can find needles with tips like these?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reminder about Savanna's Benefit

Don't forget that this Saturday, Feb 16th,is the benefit for Savanna. It will be at High Velocity in Beachwood, NJ, from 1 p.m. until closing. It will be a family affair until 7 p.m., and then the adult entertainment will begin. There will be food, plenty of entertainment, and the chance to win some great prizes. Besides my own donations of the scarf and cape, there will be a diamond bracelet, gift certificates for tattoo parlors, restaurants and other services, as well as some great baskets, and lots more. The theme is Harlequin, similar to masquerade or Mardi Gras. C'mon on out for a great time! If you can't make it, you can also donate through Savanna's Myspace page. Thank you so much!

Now, let's talk about WIPS (WIP it good. Yeah, I crack myself up. That's right up there with stash. Heh heh). I'm working on the back of the Cardigan for Arwen. Still. Even though I know I should stop, and start on the fronts. But I'm not. And I probably won't. You see the disaster looming ahead, don't you? Yeah, so do I. No picture because it's raining and dark. Look at the picture below and add eight inches of stockinette. And since I still don't know if I'm going to follow the pattern as written or convert to a modified drop, I'm playing with pattern writing for that.

The 2x2 ribbed scarf from the olive Manos for The Boy, to match his hat. I have about 5 rows of that done. It's not going quickly. That could be because I need to actually pick it up and work on it! Things don't knit themselves when they are in the project bag? Well, darn!

I'm trying to write a pattern for the Elann Alpaca. I hate math. And I keep changing my mind about certain elements that I want it to have. And I'm not sure if I've written the neck bit properly. And why the hell does he have gargantuan shoulders?!?! And how to adjust the pattern for that. But we can still consider a WIP, because I'm thinking about it.

And I want to cast on again for the Odessa. So we can consider that a WIP also, because that's in the back of my mind. And so is the Wyvern in the Karabella Empire silk. And the yarn I need to get to make the scarf I have in mind for the Lang Tosca. So many WIP's, so little time! (heh heh).

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Cardigan for Arwen

I cast on for A Cardigan for Arwen on Sunday. I started on the back before i realized that it would have been smarter to start on the front. Hmmm.

I'm really enjoying the color, and working with this yarn. I hope it comes out as I envision it.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flame Wave, A Fait Accomplis

And here is the scarf in all of it's glory! A big thank you to Timmy for modeling! If you'd like a chance to win it, you'll have to attend the benefit for Savanna Winnie, on Feb 16th, at 1 pm - closing at High Velocity in Beachwood, NJ. Come on out! It's for a great cause, and you can win all kinds of amazing goodies! There will also be free food from 2 pm -9 pm.

You can also try to win the cape! I'm donating both. Check out the buttons, and the topaz colorway is exquisite!