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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Olympic Failure and Knitting Future

I cast on the Yarn Harlot's Little Nothing. And that's as far as I've gotten. Yes, it's true. When I have a moment to sit down, I don't knit. I seem to stare into space blankly. But I am working on the house, and it's slowly coming along.

I received the Stitches East brochure, and considered signing up for a class, or at least, getting a room, and visiting the marketplace. But I decided that since I haven't been to Rhinebeck (you know, THE Rhinebeck. The New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Yeah. That Rhinebeck), I'd check that out, instead. I signed up for a class. And realized I'd need a hotel room. And as I searched for a hotel room, the best were booking up fast. As in, availibility was disappearing before my eyes. One of the few rooms left was at the Quality Inn, so I grabbed it before that, too, disappeared. If you too will be at Rhinebeck, hit me up, and hopefully we can meet.

The class I signed up for is An Introduction to Rug Hooking Basics: Rug hooking is the ultimate recycle craft. Although yarn, novelty items, and even old jeans can be used, we will be learning to hook using strips cut from wool cloth. Included will be instruction on how to select and prepare wool for hooking, how to hand cut wool and use a cutter, where supplies can be purchased, how to dye wool a super easy way, and tips for developing a color scheme. Also included will be some rug hooking history, and a demonstration on how to disassemble a garment and ready it for a hooking project.

Hopefully this will result in something better than the sunflower pillow I made when I was 10, from a kit.

Oh, good! Another hobby I don't have time for!


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