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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arwen, Benefit, and Breakage, Oh My

The Savanna Winnie benefit has, to date, earned over 16K and rising! That is fantastic news, and I'm so very happy that the benefit turned out so well!

I stopped working on the back of arwen, and started the left front. I haven't done the math for any of the modifications I want to make. So then I think I'll follow the pattern as written, although there are features I need to change. I re-read the pattern and decide that it's too hard, and will modify it, but don't do the math for the modifications... See the trend here? But look at that cable? Isn't it GORGEOUS? I absolutely love it.

In order to put the back on hold, I had to find some size 9 needles. I went through a box I had won on ebay, and did happen to find the right size. As I worked with them, I decided I really like them. I love those tips! And then, unbeknownst to me, one fell on the floor, and I stepped on it. Sigh... Of course, it had to happen to a pair of knitting needles I really LIKE.

Anyone know where I can find needles with tips like these?


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