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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

May everyone have a happy, healthy, New Year!!

Now, let's talk knitting. As is evident by the lack of activity on the blog, I haven't been knitting much. For about 2 years. About when I bought the house, house repair commenced, and knitting ended. I was very surprised when I logged into Ravelry, and saw that it had been that long. I haven't had time to miss it, per se. I do know I'm sick of working on the house, and resentful of its demands upon my time. Around the middle of November, I decided to finish Pretty Thing as a Christmas gift. Since it was half finished, that wasn't difficult. In fact, I had plenty of time to knit another gift. I decided to make a scarf for my girlfriend. It's Shaefer Esperanza, in the Mr. Funny colorway. It's seed stitch, and I cast on 24 stitches, and continued until I ran out of yarn, resulting in a scarf of sufficient length. I managed to finish that as well, and my girlfriend said she liked it, which surprised me, as those aren't really her colors.

Since then, I've cast on two Baby Love Diagonal Blankets (Lion Brand pattern), in Universal Yarns Worsted Tapestry forest colorway, and Ella Rae Amity Prints in the purple colorway. The forest one is for a blanket I've owed a friend, for, oh, um, three years now. Oops. And the purple is for a friends baby. I meant to send it for her baby shower. The baby is three months old.

I've also gone through my WIP's and UFO's. And I'm going through my books, magazines, and ravelry pattern search looking for patterns for yarns in my stash. Like, searching incessantly. I keep both blankets to hand, and do a row in between all of the other things I've been doing.

Guess I've been jonesin' for some knitting. You think?


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