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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Knitter's Block

I've run into an odd problem and I'm not sure how to "fix" it. I want to knit. I really do. I have a ton of yarn in a lot of sizes and colors. I have 36 linear feet of knitting books, magazines, and patterns as well as access to all of the patterns on Ravelry. I have some projects ready (as well as quite a few UFO's).

I can't knit. I don't know if it's because of the long hiatus. I've started two blankets. I ripped one out, not satisfied with the quality of my many errors. The other sits, while I don't pick it up and knit, ignoring the niggling thought in the back of mind that tells me I should pick it up and knit. I pick out patterns to start ... something. Anything. Socks. A bag. A bulky seed stitch sweater that I can't find a pattern for, and can't seem to create the pattern myself. I've spent more hours on Ravelry trying to find patterns than I've slept, trying to find patterns so appealing that I am instantly compelled to begin. And I'm not. I've bought some skeins hoping that the new delightful, soft yarn will demand to be knitted up now. And it doesn't. Any more than the delightful yarn that I already own does.

I don't knit on my breaks, lunch, or in the evenings while watching TV. I don't have any knitting to while away the hours of an appointment. I don't knit. I'm alarmed and upset by this lack of knitting. I equate it to the suffering a writer feels when they can't write. I wonder if I'll ever knit again.

Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do about it?


  • At 2:03 PM , Anonymous Jane said...

    It has happened to me too - many times. In fact, I'm in a similar situation right now.
    I'll usually immerse myself in another craft and wait until the one project that will cry so loud I won't be able to help but grab the needles again.


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