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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Noble Knitting

I've been knitting away on the bag. I can tell myself it is for noble reasons, such as that I really want to finish the bag so I can mail it off to its recipient. Or that I am a competent, organized, dedicated knitter that actually does complete one project before beginning another. There is a box stuffed in a closet, however, that puts paid to that lie. About five years ago, I started a quilt for the boy. I had never made a quilt before (technically, I haven't made that one either). I thought four-inch squares in shades of blue would be simple enough. Right? Right. Wrong. (Remember the whole disaster in the making a few posts ago? Uh-huh. It does not only apply to knitting). In order to accomodate the pattern, there are a LOT of four-inch squares. And by a lot, I mean there isn't a bed in the universe large enough for this quilt. It's huge. HUGE. A california king wouldn't do it. Did I mention the boy has a twin bed? So the top is (mostly) pieced & sewn, and then stuffed in a large plastic storage box, and shoved in a closet. Where it will probably remain forever, or until I decide he actually needs a quilt the size of Rhode Island, whichever comes first. So I can tell myself that finishing the bag is noble, rather than beginning the bulky knit sweater, or the Irish Hiking Scarf, or the Vintage Velvet Scarf. But the selfish truth of the matter is that I need the Boye circs that the bag is being knitted on.


  • At 10:29 PM , Blogger Christa said...

    Ha! I have SO finished a project just so that I can get it off the needles (and get the next project on). The disaster is when I have the needles I need free, because then I usually can't resist casting on!


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