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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh, the horror!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I did, regardless of the uncooperative weather. The weather has been good for knitting, however, and I've been working diligently on vintage velvet. Until, that is, disaster struck on Saturday night. I had just finished a cable on the 93rd row, and was attempting the next stitches of the pattern, when... Oh, I can barely speak of it! The yarn broke! Snapped! In the middle of a stitch! I tugged the ends tight so it wouldn't unravel, and carefully put the knitting down. I then went to run cold water on my pulse points, since I felt faint. Then I went into the bathroom, because I felt sick. Then I had to lie down because I felt sick and faint. When I finally recovered enough to face it, I tried tying the two ends together. Did you know that chenille is slippery stuff? That didn't work. Try to tie another piece of yarn to those ends? That didn't work, either. Aarrrggghhh! What to do?? Can I glue them together? Drastic times call for drastic measures. One little dab, and I carefully joined the ends in an overlap, and allowed the glue to set. Success! I marked the broken stitch with a stitch marker, and continued knitting, gingerly. Several rows on, and my careful join comes apart. Aaarrrrgggghhhh!! Oh no! But look! Those ends are no longer slippery or fuzzy. I might be able to tie them. Several deep breaths later and I get the tweezers to handle this delicate operation. Feeling as intent and stressed as a surgeon, I manage to knot the two ends! Whew! Now, this is NOT an attractive knot. It's not terribly unsightly, or even noticeable, but it isn't attractive. And I'm positive that this is NOT the recommended way to repair this sort of problem. but nothing I've read addresses what to do if your yarn breaks AFTER you've knit it. Anyone know the proper way to make this sort of repair?


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