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Friday, August 18, 2006

Dirty Little Secret

I hate to admit it, but I have a stash. Heh heh, I said stash. I shouldn't laugh, it isn't funny. I never meant to have a stash. I was going to start a project, finish a project, buy yarn for the next project, start and finish that project, and so on. But nooooooo. I have a love affair with yarn, instead. Now usually when I find a yarn I like, and buy it, I don't buy enough to actually do anything practical with. I also don't usually have a project in mind. There are a lot of single skeins in that stash, and no, that One Skein book wasn't really much help. But I do have a couple of yarns that were purchased with specific projects in mind, and hopefully there will be enough yarn to complete the project.

First is the Muench Touch Me in green. It's 61 yards per ball, and it's the softest stuff you'll ever touch. It's going to become the vintage velvet scarf from Pam Allen's Scarf Style. That is, if I can ever stop just, you know, holding it & rubbing it on my face & stuff. This picture doesn't really capture the dark forest green, but you get the idea.


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