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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Knitting Idiocy

Why is it, when knitting, one might refuse to see the obvious? For instance, it was obvious early on that the scarf was going to be far too wide. Because when I cast on, I look at it and decide it isn't or won't be wide enough, so I cast on some more. And even more. Until I have a scarf as wide as a blanket! It was also obvious that the way the color was appearing was not the most attractive use of this yarn. Now, rather than do what I usually do, which is to continue to knit until the piece is finished, I actually frogged it. I did this about 12 inches into the scarf. I didn't wait until I was finished. I usually finish it because I have hopes that the disaster that is appearing at the end of my needles isn't actually a disaster. I persist in this hope until I cast off, and it becomes obvious that the item is, in fact, a complete disaster.

So I frogged it. And re-cast on 160 stitches, to knit the scarf lengthwise. I'm much happier with its appearance. I am beginning to think that the finished scarf may not be long enough. I'm also not sure how wide it will become. Is it wide enough? Should it be wider? Shall I continue until it's 2 feet wide? Is 5 inches wide enough? I don't know. I just don't know.


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