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Friday, August 11, 2006

Knitting Idiot

Yes, it's true, and time I faced the sad truth. I'm a knitting idiot. I decided that the Schaefer Esperanza should be a seed-stitched scarf. It begged to be a seed-stitched scarf. After 12 hours of casting-on, attempting to knit in seed stitch, and frogging, I gave up. It is now going to be a plain old boring garter stitch scarf. The good news is the affect is similar to the seed stitch, and the stitch definition and color variation are the predominate focus. About 10 inches into the scarf, and yes, besides being a knitting idiot, I'm also a very very s-l-o-w knitter, and I'm loving it. That's because it's such a beautiful yarn, and a pleasure to work with. Pictures forthcoming.


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