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Monday, May 07, 2007

My SP to the Rescue Again!

I knew I need to blog again today, but wasn't really looking forward to it. After all, I have no completed projects to show off. How many times can I show pictures of the unfinished Manos cape? Yes, I've gotten more done, but it still looks a lot like it did last week. And yes, I've been working on the wizard hat, in fact I have less than 50 rows to go and since the rows have fewer and fewer stitches, it's going quickly. But still,it's an unfinished project. So I was dreading the whole what-am-I-going- to-say-on-the-blog thing. And then I got home from work, and found a completely unexpected, totally amazing surprise, from my SP. Which gave me an excuse to blog, and some cool pictures to post along with it. Take a gander at this:

What a cheerful package to come home to!

And this was inside the package. Aren't those colors FANTASTIC?!

And when I opened the plastic bag, I found these. Worsted sock yarn, (so soft, so smooth, so touchable), what a beautiful card, and 2 sets of circs. I think I've been challenged! Uh-oh.

Thank you, SP, this is totally astounding!


  • At 11:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    MWAAAA haaa haaa haaa...couldn't leave you out there flappin in the breeze, now could I? You can take that absolutely wonderful yarn and make something totally astounding out of it...I have faith in you and you have the tools.

    You go girl!!!!!


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