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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Paraphrase William Hogan

The Great Equalizer had always enjoyed April. It was in April that he caused Hans Christian Andersen to be born, and Washington Irving, and Lenin, and Wilbur Wright. In April he took the life from William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Lord Byron, Samuel Clemens and Franklin Roosevelt, Bruno Hauptmann and Jesse James, and Baron von Richthofen, Adolph Hitler and Alfred Hitchcock. He founded Rome in April, and let Brazil be discovered, and started the American Revolution. And in April the Great Equalizer started and ended the United States’ Civil War. In April, the United States entered World War I. He organized the Salvation Army in April, and founded the Mormon Church, and liberated Buchenwald.

In April, he gave birth to Thomas Jefferson and U.S. Grant and James Buchanan and James Monroe, Presidents of the United States, and to Hirohito, emperor of Japan.

He made April sacred to the Jews for Passover, and to Christians for the death and rising of Jesus, and to Muslims for the Prophet’s birth.

And on Friday, April 20th, in 1962, on the Quartzsite Trip, during the dawn after the night of the first full moon after the vernal equinox, the Great Equalizer sent a flash flood to take away the life of P.J. Cooper. The Great Equalizer knew why he did it.

And in 1962, on Friday, April 20th, at the United States Embassy in Moscow, an ex-marine named Lee Harvey Oswald, who had previously dissolved his American citizenship, obtained a loan of 483.07 and a visa to return to America with his Russian wife, Marina, and their two month-old daughter.

The Great Equalizer had always enjoyed April.

In April the Great Earthquake struck San Francisco, killing over 500 people. And it was in April the WPA was approved, and the League of Nations disassembled. In April, 80 people died at Waco, and the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up, killing 168. The Columbine shooting occurred in April. So did the Virginia Tech shooting.

And in April, the US Library of Congress was created, and Spain declared war on the US, and the Irish Easter Rebellion began, and the Vietnam War ended.

Yes, the Great Equalizer had always enjoyed April.


  • At 9:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow- that's some bit of info you've got there- That was very interesting to read. Hope you are doing well mama!



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