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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Knitting News

1) Still knitting - slowly - on the mohair bias scarf.

2) Still knitting away on the cape - yep 420 stitch rows of stockinette is slow going. Since there is no way I will have this finished by April 28th, I think the mohair scarf, by default and the fact that I may finish it, will become the MoA project.

3) I decided to make the felt magic hat for the Harry Potter Knitalong. My son will love it, and there is also the possibibilty that it will be finished by July.

4) The intermediate knitting class starts next Tuesday. I'm so excited. So many things I want to learn. First, I'm hoping to learn how to revise the (cape) pattern to a different gauge. Second, I want to cast on a sock, and learn how to turn the heel. Third, I want to actually make a large, finished object that involves increasing, decreasing, and seams. And fourth, I need some help with finishing techniques. These seem to be about as good as my sewing techniques.

And since I've started the CPM class, have a job interview on Monday, am taking a major test on the 21st, and of course, needs must be a parent to my son, things are just a tad hectic. Just a tad...


  • At 10:06 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Busy busy :) I know that feeling! Good luck on your upcoming test and interview! I'm sure you'll do great :P


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