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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vintage Velvet, Finis

However many months, seven skeins, and 515 rows later, FINALLY, finally I finished the vintage velvet. There are some spots where the worming is pretty bad, but at least they look like tiny little lumps. I may try washing it again in hot, or even boiling, water. But the touch, my friends, the feel of that oh-so-soft chenille, that longs to be worn against the skin.

This picture was taken before washing. It looks quite nice as is, and I share everyone's fear of what the washing will do to it.

This was taken after the washing process. Yes, it looks like a drowned rat, and yes, I thought I'd ruined it. I could barely bring myself to take the pictures, and quickly threw it into the dryer.

These were taken after it came out of the dryer - not completely dry - and the results were astonishing. The beauty, the drape, the hand, I can't stop raving. And it felted enough that my few, um, minor, mistakes aren't really visible. Wow. Wow. I do wish I had waited until I had more experience under my belt before attempting this scarf - the yarn deserved better. But I can't regret it, too much, this is just amazing! I'll try for better pictures in the morning, I can't get quite enough light.


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