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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Secret Pal 10

Caught up in the frenzy of the warm-fuzzies of the reveals, I did sign up for SP10. Without a pause. Without a second thought. Just charged in, and barged ahead, I did. I will regret this. I know I will. Between March and June, I will be: 1)Moving, hopefully. 2) Taking a 9 credit Certified Public Manager class. 3) Taking Intermediate Knitting at the adult school. and 4) Continuing with the 80 million other things I'm already doing. Every day, my insanity becomes more and more apparent.

I also joined the Mists of Avalon Knitalong. This knit-along begins in February and ends in April. And I'm sure whatever I choose to knit for it will be far beyond my skill level, thereby resulting in ripped out shreds of hair come April. I'm kind of leaning towards something by Elsebeth Lavold. Naturally.

Just call me crazy.


  • At 10:16 PM , Blogger Emily said...

    First, I applaud your ambitious schedule! Even if things go terribly, terribly wrong, it will be entertaining writing ;-). Not that they will- things only go terribly, terribly wrong on the E! True Hollywood Story. You'll be brilliant.
    SP10? I had no idea! I came into the sock game around SP9 but missed out! I want in! Thanks for the update.


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