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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Little Knitting News

Saturday was the second knitting group meeting at my local library. While not many braved the cold, a good time was had by all. I helped a woman pick up the stitches around the bottom of what will become a felted bag. I talked about the Mists of Avalon KAL, and what I should consider making for it. It was mentioned that a knitting store in Mt. Holly was having a superbowl sale, and I should definitely go. And of course, books were discussed. I'm really going to enjoy these meetings.

Sunday, I got up early and went off to Wool-bearers in Mt Holly for the sale. I arrived within minutes of their opening, and it was already crowded. But it was well worth the trip. I found 7 skeins of Manos del Uruguay in the topaz, and 3 in the olive, and snatched those up. I now have about 11 skeins of the topaz, and intend to use it for knitting something for the Avalon KAL. I have 5 of the olive, and have no idea what I'm going to do with those. And I saw some beautiful Frog Tree yarns. I have some in a charcoal, but I just love touching and was tempted to buy some more in other colors, but managed to refrain. It's a great store, and have, I dare say, every concievable yarn imaginable, including their own color-dyes. Mmmm-mmmm. They also offer classes, and classes for dying and spinning. If you get the opportunity, check it out.

I realized that the end of February is fast approaching, and a friend had requested that I knit him a noose. Since that's his birthday, the timing seems perfect. Yes, he's just a little twisted; that's why I like him. I plan on knitting a long i-cord, and letting him tie the noose himself. And I believe he really wants a hangman's knot, and not a noose, but we shall see.

Meanwhile, here's some of the topaz Manos. And it looks even nicer knitted. Wow!


  • At 8:23 PM , Blogger PollyBee said...

    Hi, just wondering if you ever knitted your noose -- I have a friend wanting a "noose" scarf......


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