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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Impending Insanity, or Indecision Will Drive You Crazy

I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to decide which pattern to use for that gorgeous Tess Yarns silk/wool blend. And not making a decision. In the running are Debbie Bliss' Cabled Jacket, Twist and Shout by Robynn Weldon, Gaelic Mist by Lisa Lloyd, and Bell-Sleeved Jacket by Daniel Adamczyk.

Gaelic Mist

Bell-Sleeved Jacket

The Cabled Jacket would be an awful lot of cabling, and I'm not sure I have enough yarn for this project. Okay, I'm positive I'm about a 1000 yards short of the necessary amount. But I'm sure that I could make it work with only 1400 yards.

I like the Twist and Shout, but I'm not positive I want to have it, or use this yarn for it.

Gaelic Mist, if you look at pictures of those who have actually made it, doesn't seem to draw in around the waist and sleeves the way the sweater does in the book. And I'm not sure I like how the cables end. I'm not fond of reverse stockinette, either, although several people have said that this makes the sweater.

The Bell-Sleeved Jacket would be an ambitious undertaking at the best of times, and this pattern is evidently riddled with errors! I love the look, but I think I need a great deal experience before I tackle this one.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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