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Monday, February 09, 2009

The Liesel Scarf

Since I obviously don't want to work on Arwen, and the Harry Potter scarf is good for a take-along project, I wanted to start something a little more difficult to work on at home. I have some beautiful Louisa Harding Grace, in a gorgeous green, that I thought would make a wonderful leaf-themed scarf. After searching Ravelry (gotta love Ravelry!) for hours and hours and days and years, I finally found a pattern I thought would do - and it's even free! It's the Liesel scarf, and it's not too hard. Famous last words. After working nearly an entire skein, I realized that about 5 inches back I had started working the wrong side as the right side (and vice versa). Sigh... So I ripped it out, and re-started. I have managed one pattern repeat. I think this is going to be another long-unfinished project. No pictures of the disaster, out of respect for the deceased.


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