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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bitter Tears

Yes, I'm weeping bitter tears of frustration (and rage). The instructions for Arwen clearly state to note the last cable row knitted, so you can commence from where you left off, when continuing the cable around the hood (or in my case, around the neck). I made a note of the note, and I did this. I swear I did this. When I commenced the cable, where I left off was not where I left off. I tinked EIGHT times, each time trying a different row. And each time it was clearly WRONG. I still don't know what happened. And while I don't mind minor mistakes, a huge clearly visible mistake in a clearly visible place is not acceptible. So I frogged the left front. All. Twenty-four. Inches. Of. It.

I am clearly far too stupid to knit. Next hobby: Sitting gibbering in the corner.


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