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Sunday, March 02, 2008


I was going to ignore this issue, figuring least said, soonest mended. Then, of course, I changed my mind. Ignoring it is, in essence, condoning it. And I don't condone it, in any way, shape, or form.

A few people left nasty comments on the blog posts about the benefit for Savanna, and my solicitation of donations therefor. (Don't bother looking, I deleted them. Yes, it's censorship. Normally I don't condone censorship, however, to paraphrase Eddie Murphy, "This is MY house. If ya don't LIKE it, ya can get the
#&%@! OUT.")

First of all, since I figured maybe five people read the blog, I was really surprised. Especially since those five people are the nicest, kindest people you'll ever meet. Secondly, if you were offended by the links to the benefit, and what I said, ignore it. Click away, never to return, and forget about it. The venom expressed in those comments was completely and totally unnecessary. The links weren't even "in your face". It was a rather brief, and casual mention, on MY blog.

Why DID I post the banner and links? Why did I donate? Why did I suggest that you attend the benefit or donate, if you could?
1) I'm healthy, and thanks to the powers that be, my son is healthy. Anyone who has a seriously ill child is living my worst nightmare. That family has my sincerest sympathy for what they are going through.
2) I don't know what evil I perpetuated in my previous lives that I am suffering through this one, but maybe some good karma will keep the wolves from the door.
3) I did NOTHING to make anyone feel guilty if they could not attend, or donate. Hey, if you're in California, getting to New Jersey might be a little difficult. If you're worried about buying groceries this month, I understand. I've been there. But what would it cost to mention it to other people, or even to kindly say, "I wish I could help, but I can't". If you do feel guilty, you might want to examine your own thoughts or behaviors. It's certainly nothing I said, or did.

But what I do not need, and will not tolerate, is any more toxicity in my life. I'm surrounded by enough toxic people, most of them related to me. As my dear, departed Gramma used to say, "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't you say nothin'!" And that goes for my blog, too.

Oh, and you want to see "in your face" donation solicitations? Here ya go! Knit from your stash, take your yarn budget, and go donate. I don't care if you are a student whose entire yarn budget for the year is $1, or someone whose yarn budget is higher than my gross salary. Knit from your stash, and donate: Savanna Winnie. Tell 'em knittwhitties sent ya!

There will soon be knitting content, or, Pride Goeth Before a (Big) Fall.


  • At 8:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are absolutely right. It's your space, your decision what to put here. Don't the jerks who object to you exercising your right to free speech get you down. I think it's great that you feel passionately about helping someone – anyone – else. Lord knows, this world needs more people who look outside their own little circles to see that the world is our responsibility, all of it, and we have to act like it.

    I just found your blog (thru your comment on the Harlot's last entry) and will keep reading it. Good job!

  • At 5:36 PM , Blogger Kali said...

    Thank you for addressing this issue. I am glad you understand that some people are just thoughtless and rude which is a reflection on THEM, not you. I recently discovered your blog and have returned to enjoy it regularly. It is important to act on what you feel passionate about. What you do helps others connect to it. I'm not putting it very well, but what I mean to say is, "Thank You for sharing you."


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