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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Savanna's Waves of Flame Update

There's not a whole lot to blog about here. Seriously. I'm working on Savanna's Scarf, nearly finished the first skein. Yes, I said first skein. What, you missed that I bought a second skein because I was worried it would be too short? Well, ok, yes I did. Then I worried about the curling edges, so I went and bought some beads, and I plan to crochet the beads on the edges to stop that curling up thing that's going on. See a trend? I worry a lot. What? You want pictures? You're the demanding sort, aren't you? Well, I certainly won't disappoint you. Here ya go:

The colors in this post are much truer to the real colors. And see the curling edges? I should have known, it is stockinette, after all. But those beads (ooooo, pretty shiny) should take care of that. And of course, I'm wondering how long it should be. It's more decorative than for warmth, but maybe longer would be better.


  • At 9:54 AM , Blogger DebbieKnitter said...

    Ohhhh that is sooo pretty. I can't wait to see it done. Hope you don't mind the comment, I followed your blog here from my friends blog.


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