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Saturday, November 29, 2008

By Jove! I Think She's Got It!

I've ripped the Noro half a dozen times, looking for an edging I like that works. It is similar to BrooklynTweeds. Knit the first and last stitch of the 1st row, and slip the first and last stitch, purlwise, wyif, of the 2nd row of that color. I am getting a slight tightness on the edge that is carrying the colors, so I'm making a conscious effort to loosen the slipped stitch a lot. The stitches are so loose that the needles tend to slide out. But looking pretty good, eh? Now, the colors. I think the colors I've chosen are both having a strong tendency towards being very dark or dull. But they are playing off of each other beautifully. Perhaps a man scarf? I'm not making it for anything or anyone in particular, I just wanted to play with the colors and see what I could do. So, what do you think?


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