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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knitting News

I'm sorry for the long delay in posting. My great-aunt died on September 11th, and I haven't felt up to it.

Well, no pictures, but I did finish the baby sweater. No time to take pictures, because the girl I made it for was leaving for her maternity leave, and I wanted to get it to her. It wasn't exactly the dragon skin, because I couldn't manage the pattern. So let's call it a dragon skin-less wrap. It came out okay, but I wasn't thrilled with it. My skill, not the fault of the pattern! But I did learn a few things that should help when I'm ready to tackle Wyvern.

For that beautiful Sheep Shop 2, colorway G093, I found this pattern,the Drops 103-1, and started it. I modified it quite a bit. I didn't want seams, so I did in one long piece on circs. The gauge is off; the pattern calls for 11 stitches to 4 inches, I get 12. So I tried to decrease to make up for it, and it was too small. Also, I wanted seed stitch instead of the edging the pattern called for. After finishing the body, I decided to rip. The size wasn't right, it didn't look right, I just wasn't happy with it. The yarn is gorgeous, and the seed stitch looks awesome. So I'll be starting it over.

Here it is, being ripped. Don't mind my messy bed. Maybe I should put it aside for a while, and oh, I don't know. Finish Arwen???


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