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Thursday, August 21, 2008

There Is Actual Knitting!

So to bring us up to date... I RAN OUT OF YARN FOR THE BLANKET!!! Yes. I did. With 10 ever-shortening rows to go. OKAY?!?! Fortunately, Personal Threads was able to come to the rescue. In less than 48 hours from ordering, I had two more skeins of the Trendsetter Scoubidou in my hands. How is THAT for service?!?! Kudos to Personal Threads, and I can finish the blanket. We won't mention or even think about dye lots. Alrighty then!

I gave up trying to make the dragon skin wrap - even I know when I've been beaten. I am making the wrap, it just won't have any dragon skin. That's going much better. I have the ties and right front finished. The left front is making nice progress, and I see a finish by Monday as certainly possible. Haha, famous last words.


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